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Interview tips

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Interview Stage:

- Research Research, Research!

What does the company do?  

Their values, have you been in a situation when you have presented these?

Example questions to prepare,

remember you don’t want to overload yourself with scenarios because you will end up freezing while you try and remember which one. I used to give myself buzz words.

Always remember to use STAR where possible. It will help make your answer flow whilst ensuring you are answering the question to your full potential.

What was the SITUATION?

What was your TASK?

What was your ACTIONS?

What was the RESULT?

1. What do you know about the company? Research, RESEARCH

2. Why do you want to work for us? Is this career path something you have always wanted to do? Or It may be a change, what has inspired you? And why them? What made you think of that company? Do they have a good reputation?  A successful company that you want to be part of?

3. What can you bring to the role? What transferable skills can you bring? No matter how big or small tell them, it answers the question. I would always give an example with this. What skills do you have, how have you represented these?

4. Tell us about yourself? – Do this about you, Do you have any pets, hobbies, what do you do in your spare time. Always try and elaborate a little on your answers.

Don’t do: I play football on the weekend / I’m a family person / I like to read books

Do: I play football on a Saturday for my local team (Name) my position is a goal keeper, I won player of the year which was my greatest achievement / I enjoy spending time with my family, going out for walks, playing board games in the house, camping etc / I love to read books, my favorite author is (Name) and I am currently reading (Name)

Are you in the middle of any projects? Renovating a room in your house?

Elaborating is so important I found! Used to make me feel more relaxed and sometimes you may have similarities with the panel and this may gain some report, so remember do not lie!

5. Strengths & weaknesses? I like to answer these two in 1 answer, use your weakness as a strength, but remember, don’t give a weakness to a skill that they need

6. Your key skills that relate to this role? Important skills that may relate to the role. Flexibility, confidentiality, working on your own as well as a team, problem solving, communication skills, working under pressure.

7. Team work to achieve a goal?

8. When you’ve used high level of customer service?

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