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Cover Letter Tips - Email

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

All my cover letters have been sent via email therefore my tips will be on that method.

1. I always start off by putting the vacancy title at the top of an email followed below with the job reference number if there is one. E.g.

Vacancy: Health Care Support Worker

Reference: HCSW02SWAN

2. Who are you addressing this to? If the name is not stated you could use the following:-

Dear Recruitment Team / Hiring Manager / Sir/Madam

3. New paragraph: I always like to say again, what positon I am applying for along with where I’ve seen the job advertised.

4. Next paragraph: Here is where you need to grab their attention. Mention why you are applying for this role whilst keeping in mind that you need to be the candidate who stands out. How is this your passion? Has something inspired you to want to go into that career path? Try and link in some skills that are relevant to the role. We will do more on skills on the next paragraph.

5. Next paragraph: Majority of the time you can pick out at least 2 of the most important skills you need for the role, so use this here and give a little example of how you have this skill / experience. Don’t make this paragraph to long and avoid jargon and abbreviations.

6. Mention that you have attached your CV to them email. Thank the reader for taking the time to read your application and you look forward in hearing back from them.

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