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Need help applying for a job or preparing for an interview? We’ve all been there. Grab a pen and paper, I’m here to help! 

Welcome to steps to my career. To give you a little bit of information about me. I have had numerous successful interviews which have landed me the job. “Why have you had so many?” I hear you ask, well…. I never really knew what I wanted to do so I job hopped, but at 25 I finally landed into a career that I love. I really enjoy helping and supporting people. I often get asked by friends and family to help them through the job process as I’ve been through it so many times, so this is why I thought I’d share my personal tips with you, so hopefully you’ll land the job that you love. So here it goes.


Interview tips

Interview Stage: - Research Research, Research! What does the company do? Their values, have you been in a situation when you have...

Cover Letter Tips - Email

All my cover letters have been sent via email therefore my tips will be on that method. 1. I always start off by putting the vacancy...


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